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Spring 2018 Wedding Trends

Spring Wedding Season is upon us and with it, brings a huge change in the overall attire and wardrobes for almost everyone. It is that weather where winter has just left, so it’s not too cold, not too hot, the perfect time for a wedding, inside or out! Everything is so fresh and new this time of year, which of course, means new wedding trends for 2018.

With every season comes change – wedding trends included. From your theme colors to flowers, from music to décor, will you be keeping with the trends this season? But remember, as always, a traditional wedding is forever in style but as we are moving further into the 21 century traditions can and do change.

This Spring is no different, let’s take a deeper look into this year’s favorite trends!

The Bride
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Saying, “Yes to The Dress” is one of the best feelings a bride can have before her big day. The feeling of the perfect dress, looking beautiful and fitting just right. The relief knowing you have one of the biggest elements of the preparation for your perfect wedding taken care of just waiting for you to step into for your new beginning with the love of your life. But finding that perfect dress, will you be the traditional bride in all white, or will you find your dress following the season’s newest trend?

This year we are seeing many designers come forward with wedding dresses that have Bell Sleeves, a classy, flowing addition. Wanting to add some color? This season, black is back! While some brides are opting for a black accent on the dress, others will opt for a completely black dress or gown. A significant feature most commonly present in almost all the dresses we found were bows, tied and knotted beautifully to all kinds of dresses.

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Looking for more? How about a beautiful cape or capelet added to your dress? Be it for an accent to your dress or providing an addition to your train, a cape may be just what you are looking for. Are you ready to walk on the wild side? Add feathers! This

year’s fashion includes stepping out of the norm and adding an airy look to your style.

Are dresses just not your thing? We have you covered there too! A new fashion statement this year – paint suits or jumpsuits for the bride! A classic white pant suit with a sleek cut and bold accents may be just what you are looking for to stand out from the crowd!

Spring 2018 has seen a wide variety of bridal accessories being added to the bride’s line-up as well. For jewelry, the classic pearl necklace. Although, some designers are selecting earrings to be the most visible piece of jewelry on the bride, with some going as far as putting on earrings 2 to 3 inches long.

Whatever your accessories, we are sure you will be beautiful!

The Groom:
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Let’s move over to what the grooms have been seen wearing. Since it’s spring, and just about any color matches the perfect amount of sunshine, designers and grooms themselves, have been seen transitioning from the traditional black tuxedo to a royal-blue suit. Another trend grooms have been caught in are grey tuxedos or suits, combined with shining black shoes and multiple colors of ties to go with it. Want to step away from dark colors? No worries, light colored or color contrasting jackets bit dark pants are another option. But as always traditional, you can’t go wrong with your black bow tie.

Since the groom doesn’t usually wear a lot of accessories with the suit, here’s a few tricks you can choose from to stand out. Try going for minor accessories, like a gold tie pin on a bold tie, or a silver tie pin on a black tie, anything that makes the two opposing and prominent. Choose a handkerchief, because what gentleman doesn’t keep one? If you’re wearing a simple black suit or tuxedo, go for wearing a silver colored wrist watch to keep your look tied together and classy.

The Decorations
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Now that your attire is set, what will your decorations be? Going simple or going glam? This year’s favorite color is Ultra Violet Purple! From purple accents around the room, to beautiful blossoming flowers, make sure to lavish your guests in a beautiful purple! For more color and décor trims, add copper! The metallic color is sure to add that glamorous touch!

Whatever trends you choose this season, we are sure you will have that perfect wedding!