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5 Tips on Creating a Signature Wedding Drink

5 Tips on Creating a Signature Wedding Drink

Creating a Signature wedding drink is somewhat of an art form but crafting a wedding cocktail that perfectly melds two people’s different tastes is more like a miracle. With so many flavor combinations, spirits, and drink styles available, choosing the perfect wedding-day drink may feel overwhelming. However, with these tricks and tips, it’s easier to create a drink that the bride, groom, and guests will love.

Think About the Season

When evaluating flavor and spirit combos, it’s important to ensure that the cocktail makes sense for the time of year in which the wedding is being held. It’s much like asking guests’ opinions on food; with some cocktails, it’s sort of like serving Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of the summer, and it simply doesn’t make sense.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

In choosing a signature wedding drink, couples should consider experimenting with spirits they don’t like or normally wouldn’t drink. There are numerous flavor variations, even within the same family of spirits, which is why the experts recommend trying several. The bride may not like the Scotch her fiancé drinks, but she may like a batch from a different brand. Start by choosing a favorite spirit and try the style from several different producers before eliminating it as a possibility.

Find Something in Common and Let the Bartender Take Care of the Rest

Everyone has different tastes, but when choosing wedding drinks, it’s crucial to find common ground. Choose a spirit that both can agree on, and realize that compromises may have to be made. Even if the happy couple can’t completely agree, a good bartender would be able to find enough commonality with a few tricks of the trade. For instance, a skilled mixologist would make a simple drink, with a float of sparkling soda or a touch of sweetness. That creates a flavor profile that most people will agree on.

When Out of Options, Choose Vodka

Because it’s tasteless, colorless, and odorless, vodka serves as the perfect neutral base for couples who just can’t agree on a spirit. Vodka is a neutral-grain spirit that, when used properly, allows all of the components of a Signature wedding drink to shine through.

Don’t Follow Anyone Else’s Rules

Bartenders everywhere have learned this vital tip from their years of on-the-job experience. With a bit of creativity, it’s possible to create special cocktails at weddings. For instance, if the bride likes sparkling wine and the groom likes gin, the two could be combined with fruit puree and Campari to make a refreshing, flavorful sip. Creating a wedding drink is like marriage or cooking; simply make what’s enjoyable and don’t be afraid to ignore everyone else’s rules.

A wedding is the event of a lifetime, and the reception is a chance for the bride and groom’s friends and families to come together in celebration of their union. As such, choosing a wedding cocktail is an extremely important step in the planning process. With the tips and tricks in this guide, even the choosiest couple will be able to pick out a drink they and their guests will love.