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6 New Wedding Trends for 2020

6 New Wedding Trends for 2020

Fresh and dazzling trends are coming out fast with the new decade. Couples are making bold statements to make each aspect of their wedding unique. From wedding dresses to creative edible florals, there are a lot of trends you can resonate with to use in your 2020 wedding. If you are soon to be getting married, here are six wedding trends to be on the lookout!


When you think of sustainability, weddings may not be the first thing to come to mind.  However, from decorations and florals to edibles, the carbon footprint is there.   Many couples are choosing to commit to reducing, reusing, and even get as close to possible for zero waste celebrations.

A hot new trend for decorations is “upcycling.”   There are always new and creative ways to use, use, and reuse.  From mason jars to Holiday lights, being able to use what you have will not only save shopping time but can also save some in your budget.

Other options for sustainability could include sourcing locally grown food, repurposing ceremony florals, and more.   Contact us to see how we can help make your Wedding Day more environmentally friendly!

Wedding Flowers

More and more people are incorporating the existing garden into their weddings. Couples are going florists with locally grown flowers of their choice, while others are opting to grow their flowers. Dried flowers in reception give the wedding a romantic appeal for the occasion.

With sustainability in mind, couples are thinking about how their big day can also impact the world. Edible flowers are becoming a wedding reception trend of 2020. Edible flowers frozen in ice cubes, stirred in salads and spread on deserts are perfect for floral loving couples.

Inclusive Craft Menus

The inclusive craft menu is quickly becoming a hot trend in wedding receptions for 2020. A variety of drinks and cuisines will cater to all guests. These wedding menus include vegetarian meals, non-alcoholic beverages, non-allergy meals, and more.

The creativeness of an inclusive craft menu is sure to dazzle all your guests with something for everyone.  From hiring a mixologist to make custom cocktails, to having an extravagant edible food display, your guests will be inspired.

Wedding Dress Trends

One of the hottest wedding trends heading into 2020 is wedding dresses with beautiful, feminine floral prints. From bold to subtle brides are loving the colors and patterns giving a new twist on a classic dress.

Other trends we may be seeing in 2020 are Ball Gowns, after all, every bride deserves to look and feel like a princess on her special day!   But don’t worry, if the ball gown glam isn’t your style, there are plenty of other trends finding their way down the aisle.

From one-shouldered looks to sparkles and tiers, to even bridal pantsuits there is something that will fit your style and make your special day perfect!

Be Bold

Traditionally, wedding decorations are light in color and follow a romantic theme.  In 2020 however, you can expect more.   More and more couples are looking to make a statement on their big day.   From bright bold colors in the wedding party to finding bigger and bolder colors all around, including on the cake!

Be on the lookout for bold edible flowers, to big and colorful bouquet arrangements.  The options are limitless, don’t be afraid to be bold. It’s your day, make your statement!

Go Unplugged

With everyone having a smartphone nowadays the world is in the palm of your hand.  Often, while we can find any information we need in a few clicks, we forget to enjoy the now.   Sure, that smartphone can send your emails, help you organize and plan for your big day, but can it give you all the feels that come with being in the moment?

Many couples are opting for unplugged weddings and honeymoons.   This means helping guests to be in the moment, not watching it through a screen.   Without the distraction of technology, the bride and groom and all the guests can relax and enjoy spending time with each other.

Over the decades, many wedding trends have stayed the same while other on-point trends can change, from what seems, day to day.  One thing remains the same, being with the one you love and sharing in a special celebration of your love and the beginning of your life together.

Contact us today if you are looking for something fresh to get your big day to the next level.