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7 Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

There’s no way around it: weddings are expensive. The average ceremony and reception has a per-guest cost of about $268, and simply attending a wedding can drive some people into debt, especially when there are travel fees.   Fortunately, couples don’t have to relinquish their financial independence because they want to make it official. Below are a few Simple ways to save money on your wedding.

Set Up a Buffet

One way to reduce the cost of catering is to serve food buffet style, where guests help themselves rather than wait for staff to serve them. This tip can help couples shave a substantial amount off the total while potentially being able to afford menu upgrades. Depending on food choices and the size of the guest list, choosing a buffet over sit-down meal service may save at least a few hundred dollars.

Bid Out Big Jobs

Instead of asking service providers about their fees, consider exploring those options via sites that allow visitors to specify their needs and have companies bid for their business. Throughout the bidding process, it’s important to check providers’ references and quality of work. For instance, many wedding photographers charge $2000 or more, but soliciting bids may yield a much lower price on certain Wedding ideas.

Get Help From Friends

If the couple is blessed with talented friends, ask if they’d be willing to offer their services at a discount or as a wedding gift. For instance, a DJ friend may provide music for the ceremony, and a florist friend may create some beautiful flower arrangements. Getting by with a little help from friends can help couples enjoy the day while learning How to save money on your wedding.

Step Outside of Tradition

It’s easy to begin the wedding planning process with a traditional image in mind: the big party, fancy dinner, and so on. However, such a scenario isn’t reflective of every couple’s personality or budget. For instance, many couples wish to marry on Saturdays in June or September, but they can save by tying the knot during the off-season or on a weekday.

Forget the Wedding Favors

Guests likely won’t mind that the couple didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on favors; after all, they’re coming to help them celebrate, not for free stuff! However, if it’s important to give guests a token of appreciation, find something inexpensive, such as customized keyrings or homemade cookies. A quick online search will turn up tons of cheap wedding ideas.

Scale Back the Invites

Some couples pay more than $1000 for invitations, but gold engraving and custom calligraphy are unnecessary. It’s possible to find inexpensive, yet lovely invitation designs, which can help the couple save significantly.

Don’t Hire a Wedding Planner Before Talking to Your Venue

Many couples hire wedding coordinators to do the hard work. While this saves aggravation and time, it’s not cheap and planning your dream wedding is hard!  A wedding planner’s services can cost upwards of $3000. However, many couples DO want  a venue to remember.  When you need a little help planning,  always ask your venue.  Speak openly about what you are looking for and what is in your budget when discussing your wedding.   The venue may have ideas and/or connections to get you just what you are looking for, for just the right price.

A couple’s big day should be special, whether they host a big party or they simply elope. When learning Simple ways to save money on your wedding, it’s important to remember that the day can be made memorable, elegant, and fun without creating a debt or sacrificing the couple’s financial goals.