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8 Suggestions for What to Ask Your Photographer Before You Hire Them

Those who are starting to plan their wedding have a lot they need to do. One of the most important tasks, however, is hiring a photographer so they have amazing photos to remember their day with. Before you hire any photographer, find out What to ask your Photographer to ensure you’ll love the photos of your wedding every time you look at them.

How Many Weddings Have You Done?

Finding a photographer with experience is crucial. Choose a photographer who shoots a number of different weddings each year and who has a significant amount of experience. This helps to ensure professional photos are taken of the wedding and can make a huge difference in how the photos look when they’re delivered.

Is it Possible to See a Full Album of a Recent Wedding?

Most photographers will showcase the best of the best on their website. Looking at the full album of a recent wedding gives a more complete picture of their style, the number of photos taken for one wedding, and the variety of photos that can be expected in your album. Check out as many of their wedding photos as possible to make sure their style is a good fit for what you want.

What is Included in the Basic Package? What About Add-ons?

Most professional photographers have various packages to choose from. The basic package is the bare minimum number of hours they’ll shoot and usually includes the basic photos you might expect in the album. Check out what’s included as well as what potential add-ons are available to ensure you’ll get the photos you want from the wedding.

Do You Have a Backup Photographer Available?

It’s always possible for a photographer to suddenly become ill before the wedding day or for them to be in an accident and unable to take the photos. A professional is going to have a backup available to take the photos for them in case anything happens. Make sure of this before hiring the photographer just in case anything does happen.

Will You be Taking the Photos?

Sometimes, a professional photographer will own a studio and have other employees who take photos for them. If this is the case, make sure to meet the photographer who will actually be taking the photos, not just the owner of the studio. Additionally, find out if the photographer will be working alone or if they’ll have an assistant at the wedding. Having an assistant might be more expensive, but allows for a wedding photograph to be taken from different angles or simultaneous photos in different areas of the reception.

What is the Deposit and When is it Due?

This is crucial. The deposit will need to be paid in full to secure the photographer, so make sure you know exactly how much the deposit is and when it will be due. Also, ask when the remainder of their fee is due so there are no surprises later on.

When Can the Photos be Viewed?

Narrowing down and editing all of the wedding pictures does take some time, but how long should it take? Ask the photographer how long it typically takes for the photographs to be ready so you won’t be anxious about how long it’s taking for everything to be done after the wedding.

Do You Have Insurance?

Photographers should have insurance just in case anything happens. If the photographer is injured while working, you want their insurance to cover medical bills, not your savings account. Check the insurance to ensure it will be valid during your wedding.

These are just a few suggestions for What to ask your Photographer before you hire them. Remember to ask as many questions as possible before you decide to hire the photographer so you know exactly what to expect, how much everything will cost, and anything else that you feel is important for you to know.