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80 South Productions

Photos let you see what the the vows look like. A film allows you to feel it. You are here because you are debating on hiring someone to capture your wedding day. I have to tell you, this is a wonderful idea. After the cake has been eaten and the flowers fade away, you are left with just the memories in your mind. A photo will show you those precious moments frozen in time, our film will bring those moments back to life. It is film that lets you and your love ones live in that moment as if they were there that very day.

Boring wedding videos are a thing of the past. We have recreated what it means to have your wedding filmed. 80 South Productions provides you with the sights, sounds and emotions of the day. You can have a beautiful photo of your parent dance or the toasts that will follow but will you have the sound of their voice, their emotion, or a tear running down their cheek as they give you away on that day? As time goes on you can flip through a photo album and tell stories about what was happening in the picture. Will they truly depict how nervous you were or how in love you looked when you said I do? Will it convey how proud the best man was to give his heartwarming speech to his oldest friend or sibling? This is what we offer, it’s what we have a passion to provide.

Our dedicated team of professionals seamlessly manages everything related to your wedding videography, including pre-planning and personalized consultation, providing you an unparalleled experience while capturing your wedding day, and delivering a creative cinematic film that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Book Now!