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Jamie Levine

When you see a portrait by New Yorker Jamie Levine, you see a window into the soul of his subject, and you know you’re looking at the work of a true artist. According to Jamie, “I’m not fan of staged photographs and I don’t pose my subjects. I want to catch that special moment when there’s no pretense and the real person, and the real situation comes through. That’s the greatest beauty of all.”

And that stark beauty is immediately apparent, in his photographs of a Portuguese mother and daughter embracing after years apart in Lisbon, children mesmerized by circus in southern France, the anticipation of a young boy before his Bar Mitzvah, or the love of a man and woman as they kiss for the first time as a married couple.

Jamie is in high demand for celebrity portraiture from actors, politicians, socialites and rock stars, who appreciate the unique sensibility he brings to his photography. As an accomplished musician and performer himself, he has an innate understanding of how to capture the creativity and personality of the artist: “ I love to capture that raw emotion and bring it out in the visual medium of film.”

Jamie’s commercial photography has regularly appeared on the pages of People, Martha Stewart Weddings, In Style, Ikea,The New York Times and The London Times. While New York City is Jamie’s home base, his wedding clients have brought him all over the country and the globe. His photos are also seen widely on the internet, on sites including,, and America Online.