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A Few Things Brides Should Remember

Everyone knows that the more often they do something, the better they become at it. However, wedding planning is (hopefully) a one-shot deal. After the wedding, when things have settled down, every bride should be able to say she wouldn’t change a thing about her big day. In this guide, readers will learn several things brides wish they did or knew before their wedding day.

Let the Groom Help

While some grooms aren’t as involved in the process as their brides would like them to be, that doesn’t mean he isn’t excited to get married. Brides shouldn’t stress when grooms don’t share their excitement over backdrops and floral choices; rather, they should find out what is important to him. For instance, if he’s a music lover or a craft beer enthusiast, he’ll show more interest in creating a playlist or planning the beverage selection. Don’t be shy about asking him what he’s looking forward to, as his answers may be surprising.

It’s OK to Delegate Tasks and Authority

There is a lot to do before and on your wedding day.  From stuffing invitation envelopes,  folding place cards to being the information center on the day of for vendors, the photographer, and any guest who may have lost their way.  However there are more importation tasks that your bridesmaids should be helping with.  Ask them to confirm vendors, the photographer, make sure everything is made, decorations are perfect, etc.  All wedding need a timetable on the day of, ask some you trust to be the timekeeper to make sure the days flows just as it should.   The main thing to remember, there are people there for you and want to help in your day, let them.

Hire a Wedding Coordinator

Even if a couple decides to do a DIY wedding, hiring a day-of-event coordinator may be a worthy investment. Having a person who can handle last-minute errands and setup takes some of the stress off the happy couple, and it allows them to control every detail while still enjoying the day. Furthermore, it’s less expensive than working with a wedding planner.

Take Some Quiet Time

Weddings are stressful and hectic events, and many times, couples have no time alone together until the wedding night. It’s important to set a bit of time aside, even if it’s only a few minutes. By taking some time in between dances, cocktails, and photos, couples can remember why they’re doing all this planning, and those pesky bride afterthoughts can be avoided.

Have a Backup Plan

This tip may seem basic, but it’s overlooked surprisingly often when considering what brides should not do on wedding day. Most brides dream of a beautiful, sunny wedding day, but Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. If a couple plans an outdoor ceremony and it begins to rain, a Plan B will prevent chaos, worry, and stress. Brides should make sure their parents, wedding coordinators, and bridal parties are aware of the backup plan and are ready to jump into action if that occurs!

Handle Permitting Issues

Many venues and vendors may require certain permits to be in place before large gathering.  How many people are you planning on having at your ceremony or reception?  Is it permitted by the fire company for that many guests?  How about your decorations?  Always check with your local authorities, you don’t want anything interrupting your day because of a few too many people or by misplaced decorations not meeting the fire code.

If a couple plans to have a bar at the reception, they should learn about local rules and permitting requirements for serving alcoholic beverages. Typically, venues have their own rules on alcohol service, and brides should be clear on those guidelines. Is the wine bar included in the venue rental cost? Does the price include a bartender’s services? Is the alcohol permit part of the overall package, and when does alcohol service stop? All of these questions are an important part of choosing a wedding venue, and they’re an important part of knowing what should a bride do on wedding day.  Always check with your venue to make sure you bases are covered!

Just Remember…

While this small guide is only a portion of things in which brides need to remember, the most important thing is to relax.  While every little girl dreams of her perfect wedding, things don’t always go according to plan. But, the good news is, at the end of the you are married to the person you love.

Now it is time to live happily ever ever!