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A Groom’s Toast

A Groom’s Toast

Being a groom, you have plenty of things to worry about and your toast does not need to be one of them. You may need to make a groom toast more than once during the wedding. If you do not know what to say, your groom speech may be an embarrassment to both you and your bride. It is an opportunity to express your gratitude and not to joke around. Even though it is okay to throw in a few funny one-liners, they should not be the center of your whole speech. The following tips may help you with your toast.

Talk About Your Bride

Take the opportunity to make your bride feel special. Compliment her on her beautiful looks and good character. Your wedding is one of the few opportunities you will have to compliment your wife in the presence of your family and friends. Even though it is okay to reference the best man and other friends, they should not be the focus of your speech. Remember that the wedding is about you and your bride and not anyone else. Refer to her as ‘my wife’ early in your speech. It will help you get rid of nervousness and earn a warm cheer from your visitors.

Watch Your Language

It is okay to crack jokes but do not use dirty or offensive language. Consider the feelings of all your visitors and ensure that your speech is not offensive to anyone.

Keep it Short

Even though people want to hear your speech, they do not necessarily want to listen to it all day. If your speech is too long, it may become boring. Avoid lists as they can be dull and unoriginal.

Thank Your Parents and In-Laws

During your speech, do not forget to thank your parents for their support during your childhood as well and during your wedding preparation. Your bride may not have the chance to thank her parents so thank them too.

Do Not Repeat What Has Been Said

If other people will be making their speeches before you, find out what they intend to talk about. If you keep repeating what has been said, your speech may come off as unoriginal and boring.

The following are some of the times where you may need to make a toast.

The Rehearsal Dinner

Your rehearsal dinner is probably your first chance to make your speech. Your family and close friends meet up for food and drinks. You may get to meet the spouses of our friends and family members. When making your speech at this point, fill it with compliments for your bride. Thank your visitors especially those from out of town for being present on your big day. It is okay to crack jokes as long as you keep the language clean.

The Reception

During the reception, you are already married. If you haven’t been referring to your wife by that title, it is time to adjust. Do not be afraid to express your feelings for her. There is no such thing as too sappy at this point. When talking about your new parents in law, avoid sarcastic language or any type of humor that can be misunderstood. Do not just thank them for paying for your reception. The most important thing that you should thank them for is giving you their daughter’s hand in marriage.

Thank your parents again for raising you and any other support that they have shown you. Even though your wedding is mostly about you and your wife, it is also an important milestone for your parents. Remember to thank your guests for showing up for your special day. A short and lighthearted speech will get your guests in the party mood in no time.

If you think about the best groom toast you have heard, you will realize that it does not really have anything interesting. It is about the warm emotions it brings out. It is, therefore, important to ensure that your speech is sentimental. Find a tactful and powerful way to get the crowd’s attention and hold it with a little humor. Be as brief as possible and do not forget to appreciate your bride, parents, in-laws, and visitors. In all this, sincerity is the most important thing.