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We are a Finalist in the 10th Global Eventex Awards!

We are proud to announce that One Atlantic Events is among the Finalists of the 10th Global Eventex Awards!! Please see the article below to learn more about the Eventex Awards.       444 entries compete for the top accolade in the world of events  Eventex Awards – the biggest …
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Things You Should Never Do at a Wedding

A couple’s wedding day is supposed to be one they remember fondly for the rest of their lives. Most guests realize that and behave themselves relatively well, but that’s not always the case. Read on to find out about the Thing you should never do at a wedding to avoid …
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6 New Wedding Trends for 2020

Fresh and dazzling trends are coming out fast with the new decade. Couples are making bold statements to make each aspect of their wedding unique. From wedding dresses to creative edible florals, there are a lot of trends you can resonate with to use in your 2020 wedding. If you …
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An Indian Wedding: What to Expect

Indian weddings are massive, full of pomp and color, and food. In the past, the groom’s family would travel to where the bride’s family lived, and celebrations could last for as long as seven days. Today, Indian wedding ceremonies last for about three days, but most of the traditions and …
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Visiting Atlantic City

Atlantic City, NJ, is one of the most fun cities to visit.  While it has been referred to as a smaller, younger, less glamorous sister to Las Vegas in regard to gambling, that’s not all there is to The Shore. One of the best things about Atlantic City is the …
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Choosing Your Reception Dinner

Many wedding reception dinners barely get the guests’ palates bursting with flavors. It is your big day, and an opportunity to surprise your guests with some unique and delicious cuisines. Thinking outside the traditional wedding menu, and working with the One Atlantic culinary team, your wedding attendees will have something …
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