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What is a Groomsman’s Job?

When people are asked about a groomsman’s duties, they often say that the groomsmen are responsible for planning the bachelor party. And, while that’s a big part of what they do, the groomsman’s origins point to a more serious role. In the past, groomsmen protected the bride and groom while …
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7 Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

There’s no way around it: weddings are expensive. The average ceremony and reception has a per-guest cost of about $268, and simply attending a wedding can drive some people into debt, especially when there are travel fees.   Fortunately, couples don’t have to relinquish their financial independence because they want to …
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Brides Need to Know What Pinterest Isn’t Telling You

Planning a wedding can sometimes be exhaustive work, especially with so many choices available and so many decisions to make. Many brides-to-be turn to Pinterest to help them get ideas for their wedding. Unfortunately, this is not always the best choice. It is important to know What Pinterest isn’t telling …
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5 Tips on Creating a Signature Wedding Drink

Creating a Signature wedding drink is somewhat of an art form but crafting a wedding cocktail that perfectly melds two people’s different tastes is more like a miracle. With so many flavor combinations, spirits, and drink styles available, choosing the perfect wedding-day drink may feel overwhelming. However, with these tricks …
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What to Expect From Your Bridesmaids: 5 Important Things

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be only the bride’s responsibility; bridesmaids have certain expectations put upon them as well. While the bridal party is supposed to have the bride’s back, they should know their roles ahead of time. Read on to learn What to expect from your bridesmaids. Paying …
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The Latest Wedding Day Trend: The Farm to Table Wedding

The Latest Wedding Day Trend: The Farm to Table Wedding Over the past several years, wedding receptions have become more unique as future brides and grooms look to the existing and ever-changing possibilities posted online, shown in television programming, or featured in print. Although some of these trends require a …
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