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469 07 16 16 1 536x302 - Choosing Your Reception Dinner

Choosing Your Reception Dinner

Many wedding reception dinners barely get the guests’ palates bursting with flavors. It is your big day, and an opportunity to surprise your guests with some unique and delicious cuisines. Thinking outside the traditional wedding menu, and working with the One Atlantic culinary team, your wedding attendees will have something very memorable about your reception. […]

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One Atlantic Events Jersey Shore Wedding Photography Carlo Genessa 0167 536x302 - Wedding Reception Fun and Games

Wedding Reception Fun and Games

A wedding occasion is a special event that ranks as one of the most the memorable moments in your life. While the reception is a place to enjoy the  formalities and festivities, it presents the best time to have fun and take the mood a notch higher. Why not get every guest attending your wedding […]

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FullSizeRender 2 1 536x302 - Wedding Bouquet and Wedding Flower Trends

Wedding Bouquet and Wedding Flower Trends

  With a variety of available options, choosing the right wedding bouquet can be difficult. From long stems to colorful blooms, a standout bouquet can be modern, classic, contemporary and more. The best way to approach choosing an ideal flower selection is to explore all possible options. Once a bouquet design or idea is chosen […]

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decoration 1866546 960 720 1 536x302 - The Rehearsal Dinner

The Rehearsal Dinner

  A Rehearsal dinner is a Pre-wedding party held traditionally in the United States after the wedding rehearsal is over, usually on the night before the wedding ceremony. Often, most couples hold dinner on Fridays, and it starts around dinnertime to give attendants ample time to reach there from work. Sometimes, since the dinner is […]

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gift 3383022 960 720 1 536x302 - A Wedding Registry

A Wedding Registry

There are many signposts in life that most of us experience: graduating college, buying your first house, starting a family, and getting married. Getting married can be as simple as showing up to the courthouse and having a Justice Of The Peace give you your “I Do”s or it can be as complex as having […]

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couple 1284225 960 720 1 536x302 - Renewing Your Vows

Renewing Your Vows

As you have speculated, renewing your promises is a once in a lifetime event. As a standard guideline, usually done on a significant commemoration (tenth, twentieth, fiftieth, and so on.) or when a couple has experienced an unpleasant period and needs to reaffirm their duties to one another. All things considered, the time range does […]

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