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Check Out the Top Winter Wedding Ideas to Start Planning Your Wedding

A winter or fall wedding can be exceptionally beautiful. Though there might not be roses on the beach, a wedding during the winter provides endless opportunities for the couple. Check out the top winter wedding tips and ideas here to learn more about what you might want to think about when you’re planning your wedding.

Natural Decor

Natural decor is definitely in style today. Use bark, branches, and natural foliage to decorate the reception and add a bit of nature back into the winter weather. Browns and greens are perfect for adding in a splash of color while still sticking with the winter theme. Think of evergreens when considering natural decor to use.

Winter Palette Colors

Many brides and grooms today are preferring a winter palette for their winter wedding. Whites, pastel blues, and pastel purples are the colors often used and this can look fantastic with a snowy backdrop. Consider using white, off-white, and pastels for floral arrangements and decor.

Bolder Colors

Some couples are going to go in a different direction. This winter, bold colors are another fantastic option. They’ll really stand out against a white backdrop. Use dark blue, vivid red, or royal purple to really stand out from the winter weather.

Hot Chocolate Bar

Who doesn’t love having a little bit of hot chocolate in the winter? Instead of the smores bar many people choose for summer weddings, consider a hot chocolate bar complete with marshmallows, sprinkles, and other tasty additions the guests will love.

Hot Apple Cider

For drinks, hot ciders, mulled wines and similar drinks are going to be a great option. Serve cider with a cinnamon stick for not only a delicious drink but to make the entire room smell amazing during the reception.

Christmas Lights

Bright red and green flashing lights might not work with the rest of the wedding, but Christmas lights might still be an excellent option. Stick with white or light blue lights, whether they’re standard lights, snowflake shaped, or icicle shaped.

Cozy Blankets and Shawls

Smaller weddings already tend to feel cozy and comfortable. To add to this, place cozy blankets or shawls around the room for guests to snuggle in when they need to warm up a little. They’ll add to the decor in the room and be something the guests can use.


Instead of using the lights, brighten the room with candles. Either real or electric candles work well for this, though real candles do add a little more to the ambiance. If real candles are used, be sure safety is the top consideration.

Photo Props

Fantastic winter photo props are an excellent option for weddings this winter. Photo props have been in vogue for a while, and winter activities mean there’s a lot of fun props to be used at the wedding.

Indoor Wedding Locations

One of the best parts of a cold weather wedding is that there’s the chance to choose an amazing indoor location for the wedding. Check into older buildings with antiques that can be rented for the evening for a fun, unique wedding.

Planning a wedding for the winter season can be a lot of fun and can provide you with plenty of amazing options. If you’re considering getting married during the winter, check out more Winter Wedding Ideas or use the ones here to start planning your wedding today. You’ll have an amazing wedding everyone who attends will love.