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Four Tips That Make it Easier to Choose a Wedding Cake

Ordering the cake may be only one small part of the wedding preparations, but it is one of the most important decisions for many couples. The wedding cake often acts as the centerpiece of the reception, and all couples want something that is delicious as well as meaningful. Here are four steps to help make the process a little easier.

Decide on Flavors

Create a list of the desired flavors and combinations before talking to a baker. Keep an open mind so that suggestions from an expert are welcome.  Never choose someone without attending a cake tasting. There is no guarantee the bride or groom will like their work just because a company or individual is highly recommended. A tasting also ensures that the combination of flavors chosen actually work together.

Match Your Theme

Continue the wedding theme with the cake design but avoid being perfectly matched. The cake should stand out instead of blending into the background. Following the theme means selecting a style of cake that mimics the wedding style. Consider a simple, yet elegant cake for a casual wedding and something amazingly intricate for a formal affair.

Choose the Number

Some couples want one large, tiered cake to serve to everyone. Other people prefer one main cake and several smaller designs. Multiple cakes make it possible for more flavors, gluten-free cakes, or other specialty items.

A once-forgotten 19th-century tradition becoming popular again is the addition of a groom’s cake. The practice started when the traditional cake seemed too feminine for the man. The groom chooses their own flavors and the design. Some couples cut the cake after the wedding cake, others leave it as a party favor for guests to take home at the end of the reception.

Know the Trends

Understanding the current trends is not a matter of copying what others are doing. Being up-to-date on the latest styles allows planners to see all the options available. It is possible that people may not realize that “naked cakes” exist or that cake designers can add quotes or artwork to the cake. A little research may help someone to finally discover their dream cake.

Order the cake as one of the last steps in the planning process. The reason is that plans change. The party may suddenly become larger while writing the guest list or smaller after finding the perfect cozy venue. Dress colors change, the bride decides on new floral arrangements or there is an adaption of the theme. Each change could mean changes for the cake too.

No matter the size or flavor of your cake,  make it personal.   And always, always remember, you CAN have your cake and eat it too!