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Learn How to Tackle Wedding Planning Anxiety

Learn How to Tackle Wedding Planning Anxiety

Even a small family-only wedding is likely a huge deal. Most brides and grooms feel like everything needs to be perfect for the big day, which can create a lot of anxiety. Proper planning can help control everything, but it can be stressful. Instead, use these tips to reduce stress and anxiety while planning the wedding.

Create a To-Do List

A to-do list is a clear outline of everything that needs to be done. Break it down into smaller, manageable parts so it’s easy to go through and cross off what has been done and see what still needs to be done. The to-do list should include pertinent deadlines and other crucial information. Some brides or grooms will prefer to keep the to-do list in a notebook with all of the other lists they need while planning, while others use a digital approach. Either way, make sure the to-do list is as clear as possible and includes everything that needs to be done.

Get Help from Others

One or two people can’t handle everything on the to-do list alone. There’s a lot to be done and time tends to fly by quickly. Instead, delegate tasks to others and get help when needed or possible. Create a group of trusted friends and family who are willing and ready to help out, then contact them when help is needed. Passing off some of the tasks can ensure everything gets done, so there isn’t as much stress about trying to rush to get everything perfect by the wedding day. Plus, it gives the bride and groom more time for relaxing, so they can get rid of some of the stress from the planning.

Keep on Top of the Timeline

Many brides and grooms find that adding everything in the calendar helps them see what is due when and what they should be working on when they have time to plan for the wedding. Even if something doesn’t have a set deadline, figure out the best time to get it done and add it to the calendar. Creating a playbook in the calendar to follow can help ensure everything is done on time, so there’s no need to stress about getting something done in the next hour or day before it’s too late or forgetting about something important.

Separate Wedding Planning from Everything Else

Keep the wedding planning separate. Create a new email address and use that for anything wedding-related. This way, the wedding info doesn’t end up in an email account that’s also used for work or anything else. Plus, keeping it separate makes it easier to forget about the planning for a little while. It’s better to schedule some time to work on the planning and then check those emails than to let everything mix together and never get a break.

Keep Track of the Budget

The budget is a major source of concern for many couples as weddings can get to be expensive fast. Find a way to track the budget, whether that’s with dedicated budgeting software, a notebook, or a special bank account just for the wedding. Track expenses paid out as well as expected expenses to always have a full overview of what’s left in the budget or what needs to be adjusted. Whatever method is used, carefully tracking every expense for the wedding makes it easier to ensure the budget is followed and avoid overspending on any particular part of the wedding.

Let Go of the Small Stuff

It’s way too easy for a bride or groom to get focused on the little details and forget the big picture. Is it really going to ruin the day if something is a little different from what was planned? If not, ignore it and keep going. If something is going to ruin the day, take the time to figure out how to fix it. All the small stuff, the stuff that won’t matter in a few weeks or years, can be ignored. Ignoring the small stuff means less worry and stress, and can help the bride and groom relax and enjoy the wedding planning more.

While you want the wedding day to be perfect, it’s still important to ensure that you relax. Wedding planning can be full of anxiety and cause a lot of stress, but it doesn’t have to. Use the tips here and work with a wedding planner to reduce stress and to plan the wedding of your dreams. The right help and the right steps can make wedding planning a breeze.