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Anthony Galati Live Event Painter

Anthony Galati Live Event Painter

What is live event painting?

Event painting is a great addition to make any wedding or other special occasion more fun for everyone in attendance. I set up my easel at your reception and create a painting of the room and the people, as it’s happening. It serves as added entertainment, and your guests have a look to see how the image is progressing throughout the whole night. It is then finished after the event by adding in specifically recognizable faces of the married couple. Depending on which option you choose, you may also select a few guests to be included in the painting. Once it’s finished, you will have a new family heirloom to remember it all! This unique addition is something that is sure to excite and delight your guests. I do my best to see that all of my clients are as satisfied with their new painting as the person standing next to them in it.

About The Artist

Anthony is an award winning full-time artist whose work has been shown in several states across the U.S., and has sold to private collections as far reaching as Singapore and The United Kingdom. In addition to doing wedding paintings, he also does personal work consisting of plein air landscapes and figure paintings. Anthony teaches drawing and painting, and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Painting from Tyler School of Art, which is part of Temple University.