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Team Spotlight on Emily

Name? Emily Fetter

What is your job title? Intern

How long have you been with OA?  Total of 3 months

Emily hails from Johnson and Wales in Rhode Island! A native of New Jersey, Emily thought One Atlantic Events would be the perfect place to finish her college career! She has been a huge help these past three month, especially when having to peel the carrots and teaching us about the daily snapchat filters. Her computer input game is strong too, helping out whenever she could with Event Order updates. She will be missed but we wish her well in the next chapter of her life and hopes she will come and visit, or at least send us a snapchat.

If anyone was lucky enough to meet Emily during her time with us, here are some fun facts to prove how awesome she is.

I am from . . . Berkley Heights NJ

Favorite Item on the OA Menu is . . . Corned Duck

My favorite hobby is. . . drinking coronas on the beach. (This is clearly on some island somewhere)

My Favorite Movie is. . .  She’s the Man  (Fun little story about this, when typing up her answers I asked if this was true, she said “Yes, it’s a classic” I guess my face said it all because she then corrected and said “Legally Blonde” )

The show I am currently binging is . . .  nothing (She has Netflix, if anyone has some suggestions for her. We are voting for “Clue The Movie”.)

The greatest adventure I ever had was. . . going to Spain for a month

The best concert I ever attended was . . . Kenny Chesney

The historical figure I would want to meet is . . . Oprah, Emily’s banking on getting a car.

The one place I would visit anywhere in the world would be . . . South Africa

My favorite time of year is . . .  Summer

My secret talent is . . .  she left this blank, so I guess her talent is going to stay a secret.

If I were stranded on a desert island, three items I would want to have are . . . phone, a knife, and a raft. (I helped her with the last one- I suggested a boat first)

My biggest pet peeve is . . . someone chewing with their mouth open

The best advice I’ve ever received is . . . everything happens for a reason

My Karaoke song is. . . SWEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTT CARRRRRRRRROOOOOOLINE OH OH OH  (In case anyone is wondering, this will be stuck in your head from the rest of the day)