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#TeamTuesday Spotlight: Elizabeth McGlinn

General Info

Name? Elizabeth McGlinn

What is your job title? Director/GM

How long have you been with OA?  13 years

Elizabeth hails from New England but has made South Jersey her home and helped bring One Atlantic to life. I am sure everyone has met her while at the One Atlantic Events Venue. She is the leader in these parts and I am still trying to figure out when she sleeps! (You can literally get a hold of her at any time of the day, it’s wonderful) Many may also know her as Reverend Elizabeth McGlinn and some of our couples have had the pleasure of having her officiate their ceremony.

Here are some fun facts about Elizabeth!

I am from . . . New England first 11 years, South Jersey the remaining 52

Favorite Item on the OA Menu is . . . scallops in bacon- they are addicting

My favorite hobby is. . . traveling the world

My Favorite Movie is. . .  “Avatar”

The show I am currently binging is . . .  Outlander

The greatest adventure I ever had was. . . raising my children

The best concert I ever attended was . . . Paul McCartney

The historical figure I would want to meet is . . . Emmet Fox

The one place I would visit anywhere in the world would be . . . Dubai

My favorite time of year is . . .  Christmas

My secret talent is . . .  energy balancing

If I were stranded on a desert island, three items I would want to have are . . . my husband, suntan lotion and working phone

My biggest pet peeve is . . . dishonest people

The best advice I’ve ever received is . . . Live the golden rule, and remember who you really are.

My Karaoke song is. . . Amy Grant—Father’s Eyes –you won’t be hearing this one in a bar, though!