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The First Dance: How Couples Choose Their Song

There are numerous important moments in a wedding, but the first dance is usually the point when the new couple can relax and celebrate their union. Every husband and wife must determine what song to play for this important moment and each pair has their own reasons for why a song was selected. Here are some of the ways couples choose their first song.

Provoke Certain Memories

Some couples are lucky enough to have a song they call their own. Maybe it was on the radio during their first date or it was playing at a club where they met. In some instances, the song is a classic they both have always loved and now want to make it their own. Some people choose something that is romantic or speaks to them, but it is perfectly acceptable to accept one just because the rhythm is appealing or they like the performer.

Honor Loved Ones

A song does not have to be the favorite of the new couple or one they even know of before the wedding plans began. The First Dance is also an opportunity to show love and respect to the family. A nice gesture could be to choose wedding songs based on the music played at other special weddings like the union of the parents or grandparents of the bride or groom.

Select a Surprise

An elegant touch could be to learn a routine, like a waltz or a foxtrot, and pair one of the most popular songs commonly used with that style of dance. Some couples develop choreographed routines and take dance lessons to learn all of the moves before the big day. A wedding dance is a great opportunity to create a memorable moment for the couple and all the guests.

Choose a Hit

Some couples want a song that is trendy and familiar to their friends. Most of the music chosen for these weddings is recent and typically made popular by a well-known artist. For example, the list of top ten wedding songs for 2018 includes hits by people like Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and John Mayer. Online lists make it easy to see what other couples are using at their receptions.

The only rule couples must follow when they choose a song is to pick what they want. They should play something that makes them happy every time they hear it and dance to it on every anniversary. A song that appeals to the bride and groom makes the moment even more romantic.