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The Latest Wedding Day Trend: The Farm to Table Wedding

The Latest Wedding Day Trend: The Farm to Table Wedding

Over the past several years, wedding receptions have become more unique as future brides and grooms look to the existing and ever-changing possibilities posted online, shown in television programming, or featured in print. Although some of these trends require a lot of time and commitment from everyone involved, others can be turned over to an experienced professional to coordinate so the couple has less to worry about. One such theme that is gaining popularity for both its simplicity and elegance is the Farm to Table Wedding. When placed in the hands of the proper coordinator, the newlyweds will have a beautiful reception that didn’t require their utmost attention.

Bringing Nature Into a Wedding Day Celebration

The farm-to-table wedding theme is a rather new concept that is gaining popularity for couples who want to keep their reception down-to-earth. Hosting a reception at a glitzy hall can come off as more of an “event” than a celebration and often locks the couple into the on-site catering, which can leave a lot to be desired.

Finding healthy wedding food in these locations can be very problematic and any attempt to bring in outside meals or organic decor may violate a policy of the facility. When future newlyweds opt for a farm-to-table celebration, they will be supporting the “eat local” movement by bringing in meats, fruit, and veggies from nearby farms that were specifically cultivated for the occasion. In many instances, the couple may also use the land or structures of a farm to host the ceremony and reception, taking the focus off the artificial decor and placing it on the majesty of nature.

Fresh, Seasonal Food Elevates the Meal

Depending on what time of year the wedding is planned, farmers will work with the clients and catering staff to create a menu based on what can be grown and harvested. The peak wedding season spanning from late spring through summer has the most Farm fresh food options available. Those include fresh salads filled with lots of luscious greens and fully ripened vegetables or fruit, freshly processed chicken that has been rubbed in garden herbs or marinated in sauces created from newly harvested vegetables, and sorbet deserts made from plump and tasty fruits.

Weddings staged late in the year will still have fresh meats, but often utilize more root vegetable sides like garlic mashed potatoes or roasted carrots seasoned with rosemary. Deserts tend to rely on fall-picked apples or pomegranates, providing a refreshing alternative to standard sugary sweets.

Set The Mood With Organic Decor

Decorating for a Farm to Table Wedding can also utilize locally curated products. Spring and summertime centerpieces and room accents can be fashioned from floral arrangements of handpicked wildflowers. In the fall, pumpkins, gourds, and corn stalks can create the perfect atmosphere, while winter fir trees and garlands can turn a chilly December evening into an extremely memorable occasion. Outdoor receptions can also bring in the surrounding trees, shrubs, or rock formations as accent pieces that further enhance the overall natural atmosphere.