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The Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body

The Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body

The date’s been set, planning is getting underway, and it’s time to shop for the perfect wedding dress. Though this is often one of the most exciting parts of the planning for women getting married, it can also be one of the most stressful parts. Thankfully, it’s possible to find the perfect wedding dress by looking for the right style for your shape, then fine-tuning the details of what you want to make sure it looks stunning on you, no matter what your body type is.


A pear-shaped body is one where the top half of the body is narrower than the hips. For these bodies, the perfect wedding dress is one that draws attention to the waist and highlights the lower half of the body. Add balance to the gown with something that offers details on the bodice or the neckline and consider a plunging neckline that includes textured lace or embellishments. Those who want to downplay their hips might want to avoid the extreme fit-and-flare dresses, as those tend to accentuate the lower half of the body.


An hourglass figure includes a narrow waist with a wide bust and hips that are about the same width as the shoulders. For these bodies, a mermaid silhouette is going to look amazing. These dresses feature a fitted top with a skirt that flares out further down, like below the knee. Low-cut styles can help accentuate the curves, and dresses that are more fit will hug the body in just the right spots to make the bride look stunning.


An apple-shaped body is one where the upper body is wider than the lower half. For these bodies, look for an A-line dress to help elongate the figure and define the shape. The flare in these dresses helps flatter the lower half, creating the perfect look. With these dresses, look for a dress that helps draw the eye up, like a dress with a deep V-neck. The key here is to accent the natural waist and to pick out skirts with a little bit of extra volume to help balance proportions. 


With a straight body type, the shoulders, waist, and hips are all about the same width. For these, try a sheath silhouette, as this will help enhance the natural shape of the body. Another option is a princess ball gown with a top that showcases the waist but extends into a skirt that offers full volume. This can help create the illusion of an hourglass shape. Those with a smaller bust may want to pick out a top that has a little extra flair to help create more curves or a halter top to help create more cleavage.

Pear Type Style 4883 - The Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body
Hourglass Type Style 4801 - The Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body


Larger women with gorgeous curves will want to shop for a dress that’s going to flatter their figure, highlighting their waist and hiding the hips some. For these, A-line or ball gown silhouettes are the perfect option. Straps are a must, as they provide the necessary support, and a V-neck style is going to be perfect. A structured bodice can help provide more control, and the right neckline can help enhance the bust as well as define the waist for a more flattering look.

For Anyone

Though each body type does have different dress styles that would be better for it, there is a universal option that’s going to look fantastic on any bride, no matter what her shape is. Those who are unsure of what will look best for their shape or want something that’s going to look more timeless while still making them look and feel beautiful on their big day may want to stick with an A-line dress. Though the A-line is a more simple dress style, it can be dressed up with the right fabrics and textures to make it look stunning, and the right accessories can make all of the difference. There are more dresses in this style than any other, so it’s possible for anyone to find the perfect A-line dress for their wedding.

Are you ready to start shopping for the perfect wedding dress? It doesn’t have to be as hard or overwhelming as it might seem. Learning your body type and using the tips here can help you find a dress that’s going to accent all of the right spots and make sure any part of your body you’re not happy with is downplayed, so you look and feel your best throughout the wedding. It’s your big day, so make sure you pick out a dress you’re going to love