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The Rehearsal Dinner

The Rehearsal Dinner

A Rehearsal dinner is a Pre-wedding party held traditionally in the United States after the wedding rehearsal is over, usually on the night before the wedding ceremony. Often, most couples hold dinner on Fridays, and it starts around dinnertime to give attendants ample time to reach there from work. Sometimes, since the dinner is more of a celebration of its own, some couples prefer holding the events for two nights before the wedding.
Importance of a Rehearsal dinner
Before your actual wedding day, a rehearsal dinner is an excellent way for the two families to spend time with each other, eat and have an intimate setting to spend time with the couples. It gives a more relaxed and stress-free environmental setting with an ultimate goal of relieving the pre-wedding tensions and making everyone comfortable with the upcoming Nuptial event. Also, it is an advantageous time for the couple to squeeze a little quality time with people they have not seen for a while.
The dinner also gives a fantastic moment for distributing gifts to your parents and party members. It is also during the dinner when the groom gets a chance to toast his bride and offer a more personalized toast to their wedding party and the families. Most importantly, as a couple, you get an opportunity to thank all the people who have supported and helped you out during the wedding planning.
Basic planning of the rehearsal dinner
Your dinner party needs to classic, and for this to happen, you have to get things working from the first step. The planning basics include:

  • Making payment

You don’t want a scenario where there is no money for dinner. Your initial step is ensuring you cater for the cost of your dinner. Often, most couples include the cost of the overall wedding planning budget.

  • Inviting guests

Typically, the invitation cards are sent a few days after sending the wedding invitation. As part of your dinner planning, get printed templates and send to your guests. You don’t have to be expensive and elegant, just printed templates from your computer serve the purpose. Also, it is a nice gesture to invite out –of- town guests to ensure you do not leave them at loose ends in a new town.

  • Re-examine your expectations

Make sure you can afford the dinner. It does not need to be a grand formal dinner in a catering hall or a restaurant. To avoid too much cost that will take the last dollar from your pocket, plan for something affordable and straightforward with one thing in your mind-what you need is have quality time with your families and to thank all the involved parties.
Components of the dinner
A rehearsal dinner includes the following:

  • Invited guests

Your rehearsal party should consist of members of the wedding party, wedding officiates, immediate families, flower girl’s parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen, and the ring bearers. Before doing the headcount, it is vital t offer the option of RSVP for “plus-one” in case your guest decides to come with their significant others.

  • Appropriate activities

From speeches to gift giving, a rehearsal dinner gives an appropriate time to carry on the family traditions. Sharing of special memories, storytelling, eating, and toasting of the couple are part of the activities included in the party.
Although the rehearsal dinner gives the best time before your wedding, don’t spend a lot of money on invites, plan for what you can’t afford or stay too late. Remember you have an important day ahead, so it is vital to get enough time to refresh.