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Wedding Band or DJ? A Look at the Most Important Issues to Think About

Wedding Band or DJ? A Look at the Most Important Issues to Think About

Great entertainment will make any wedding better. With that said, questions always remain concerning how best to arrange for it.
The most common of these is also the simplest and most fundamental: Wedding Band or DJ? There are good reasons to lean either way, but one of these two options will inevitably suit a given wedding better.
Two Distinct Ways of Making Music
Just about everyone enjoys music, and that means the right songs will always liven up a wedding. Couples on especially tight budgets sometimes provide their own tunes or have guests handle the duties. Most couples, though, find it better to have one or more professionals see to the important work of filling the air with sweet music at their wedding.
The deliberations that follow most often center on a simple question: Wedding Band or DJ? While either of these can end up being perfect, each brings its own distinctive strengths and advantages to the table.
Some Reasons to Consider Hiring a Wedding Band
Whether for bands that specialize in such events or generalists, playing weddings is almost always a lot of fun. There will often be quite a few bands in an area that will happily set up and play a wedding, which should make for plenty of potentially interesting options. Some of the reasons couples most often opt to hire bands for their own weddings are:

  • Energy. Even an especially dynamic DJ will have trouble energizing a crowd the way a band can. The sheer physical presence of a band will attract guests’ attention and make them more inclined to let their inhibitions go. Of course, the nature of the band will also impact just how much energy it can add to a wedding, as well as the type of the boost. A sedate quartet playing jazz standards might not get a crowd hopping, but it could contribute a welcome sort of energy.
  • Memorability. Great DJs have ways of making sure their efforts are remembered. Hiring a band that is famed throughout an area, though, will almost always make a deeper impression on guests. Have the right live band at wedding celebrations, and few will ever forget the event.

A Great DJ Can be a Perfect Choice, as Well
The other common option when researching wedding music is to have a skilled DJ provide it. That can end up being even more appealing and fitting than having even the best local band play a couple of sets. Some of the reasons couples most often decide to have a dj at wedding celebrations include:

  • Flexibility. Many DJs show up for gigs with tens of thousands of songs ready to play. No band can possibly match that selection, and few can even hope to cover the same range of genres with any confidence. Even though all DJs have their own focuses, most pride themselves on being able to choose music that suits any crowd. That often pays off over the course of a reception, with the tunes changing to reflect the evolving mood.
  • Affordability. Although prices vary, it tends to cost less to hire a DJ than to secure the services of a band. That can allow a couple to splurge more in other areas, which will quite often be welcome. To be fair, some especially popular DJs command fees higher than the average band. Although affordability can work in favor of DJs, it will always be best to get some firm quotes.

A Decision to Take Seriously
A couple’s choice of wedding entertainment often ends up being one of the most significant when all is said and done. Fortunately, lists like our  Preferred Vendors make it easy to identify and assess all the options quickly.
There is no universal answer to the question of whether a band or a DJ will suit a planned wedding better. Couples who think about issues like those discussed above, though, inevitably end up making appropriate choices and having a good time along the way.