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Wedding Reception Fun and Games

Wedding Reception Fun and Games

A wedding occasion is a special event that ranks as one of the most the memorable moments in your life. While the reception is a place to enjoy the  formalities and festivities, it presents the best time to have fun and take the mood a notch higher. Why not get every guest attending your wedding onboard by organizing exciting and fun activities that will keep them engaged? We’ve compiled some of the best wedding games, both interactive and table games, to bring a pang of fun to the wedding reception.

Group and Interactive Games

Tribute to the Best
This is a fun game that prepares the wedding guests for some of the exciting games to play. Tribute to the Best lets you give something back to your guests. As a way to mark the beginning of your love life with your partner, try and celebrate the feats and triumphs of some of the couples at the wedding. For example, you may have prices and gifts for the most active couple, most inspiring, most loving, and other achievements by other couples among your guests.
Shoe Game
The shoe game is an excellent post-ceremony-celebration game that keeps everyone engaged. It’s played as follows.
Place two chairs at the center of the dance floor such that each faces the opposite side. Summon the bride’s maids/ maid of honor and let them stand about 10 inches from the chair. Likewise, get the groom’s men/best man on the opposite side. Call the bride and have her seated on the chair facing her maid (s) and the groom facing his groomsmen. Get the groom to remove both the bride’s shoes and his pair. Have them exchange one shoe in each of their pair. Now, both of them will have one male and one female shoe.
Formulate fun and interesting questions for both of them, and they’ll have to raise a shoe to answer it. For example, “Who between Mr. Tom and Mrs. Daisy Darcy snore at night?” If I were the bride, I’d obviously raise the groom’s shoe. Interesting, right?
The atmosphere is often characterized with puzzled faces but wait till the shoes are raised. Everyone in the party will crack their ribs in laughter.
Wedding Toast Bingo.  What will be said during the toast portion of the evening?  Sometime those pesky speeches can provoke some unique reactions.  Create custom BINGO cards for each guest and keep them guessing (and paying attention!).
Photo Scavenger Hunt.  For your wedding, the more pictures the better! Make a list of your favorite “photo-worthy” moments and send your guests on the prowl!   This is a great way to get candid photos from many perspectives!  Guests can upload digital images, or you can provide disposable cameras for each guest/table.

Table Games

At the reception, prior to, or after the dinner course,  add fun by introducing the following table games.
Bride & Groom Trivia. One lucky guest from each table will have a change to take home the centerpiece.  The bride and groom will have made a list of trivia questions for your guests.   The DJ or a wedding party member will then “host” the game.   The person with the most correct answers from each table wins the beautiful centerpiece.
Couple’s Crossword Puzzle. Create a crossword puzzle about you (as newly-weds) and give it to your guests. That tests just how much they understand and know you. Winners to this game are then applauded or awarded.
Date Night Jar.  Provide pen and paper at each table with a small jar.  Guest can describe a future date-night idea for you and your spouse.  The ideas from your friends and family should provide many nights of fun for years to come!
No matter the games you choose for your special day, your guests are sure to enjoy spending your special day with you.   Fun and games are just a bonus!