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What is a Groomsman’s Job?

When people are asked about a groomsman’s duties, they often say that the groomsmen are responsible for planning the bachelor party. And, while that’s a big part of what they do, the groomsman’s origins point to a more serious role. In the past, groomsmen protected the bride and groom while serving as witnesses to the marriage. While today’s groomsmen don’t have to do those things, it’s still a vital role. Here, readers will learn the answer to the question “What is a Groomsman’s Job?” and how they can play a role in a friend’s special day in a stress-free way.

Who’s Chosen as a Groomsman?

In most cases, relatives such as brothers, brothers-in-law, and cousins are chosen as groomsmen; close friends may be selected as well. Groomsmen share close relationships with brides and grooms, and they’re trusted to help out on one of the couple’s most momentous days.

Typically, the happy couple has an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. This, along with other reasons such as cost, may explain why a man may not be asked to participate. If this occurs, it shouldn’t be taken personally, and the man should look forward to witnessing the ceremony and enjoying the reception.

What are the Groomsman’s First Duties?

In the beginning, groomsmen should begin planning pre-ceremony festivities, including the bachelor party. It’s difficult to strike a balance between following the groom’s wishes and keeping the pressure off him. Communication with other groomsman is frequent, and using a messaging app is a great way to stay in touch.

Planning a Successful Bachelor Party

When planning a bachelor party, the groomsmen should remember that it’s all about the groom. That involves understanding what he may enjoy, whether it’s a night in with friends or a wild night on the town. No matter what the groom wants, though, it’s crucial to start planning early on. It’s hard to plan large events that require people to make travel plans, and waiting puts stress on the groom at a time when he should be having fun.

Financial Contributions

Cost is central to many of the groomsman’s duties, but in most instances, they’re not held to the same responsibilities as the best-man. However, groomsmen should plan to contribute to the bachelor party, cover their own travel expenses, and rent a tuxedo or suit. While some couples help with those costs, it’s not to be expected.

The Groomsman’s Role in the Wedding Ceremony

Groomsmen should arrive not just on time, but possibly a few hours before the wedding so photos can be taken. During a ceremony, the groomsmen walk down the aisle with the bridesmaids, and if there are no ushers, they help guests to their seats before things start.


While the groomsman’s role and bridal party expectations have changed a bit over the years, the responsibility is still largely the same: be there for the groom on one of the most important days of his life. When men know what to expect, they’re more likely to fulfill his responsibilities and have fun along the way.