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What to Expect From Your Bridesmaids: 5 Important Things

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be only the bride’s responsibility; bridesmaids have certain expectations put upon them as well. While the bridal party is supposed to have the bride’s back, they should know their roles ahead of time. Read on to learn What to expect from your bridesmaids.

Paying for Makeup and Hair

The bridesmaids should be aware of the costs of makeup, hair, and other beauty treatments. If there are no salon visits booked, that means a professional will likely come by to get the bridal party wedding day-ready. Ensure that the bridesmaids know when, how, and how much they’ll have to pay.

Delivering the Groom’s Gifts

It’s relatively easy for a bridesmade or the maid of honor to deliver a gift to the groom if he is getting ready in the same place. Tell the bridesmaid making the delivery where to find him and when to bring the gift over. However, if the groom isn’t getting ready at the same location, there may be a bit more planning involved.

The Location for Wedding Photos

It’s a smart idea to send an itinerary to the bridal party a few days before the event. That way, they know just what to expect on the big day. Tell the bridesmaids where photos will be taken so they’ll know when and where to meet up. This information is especially helpful when bridesmaids are all arriving separately.

Bustling the Bride’s Dress

It’s all too easy to forget about bustling the dress, and some gowns are more complicated than others. Invite the maid of honor and all the bridesmaids to the final dress fitting so they can learn how to bustle the gown. Like other things in life, with gown bustling, practice does make perfect.


Traditionally, it’s up to the maid of honor to make a toast or speech at the reception. However, not every bride follows tradition. Let the bridesmaids know if they should make a speech so they’ll be ready when it’s time.

Planning a wedding is a hectic process, and bridesmaids have certain responsibilities. When everyone knows the bridal party expectations, things are less likely to go wrong and the wedding day will be more memorable.